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Easy Duck Sauce Recipes

Duck Sauce Chicken joyofkosher

When I write about Gold's I get uber nostalgic.  Gold's Duck Sauce was perhaps my first kitchen lifesaver.  My first proof (to no one other than myself) that YES, I got this!  My first triumph with Hubby back seat cooking right by my side.

About a week into my marriage, as a recovering vegetarian, I found myself staring at this raw chicken, wondering if there is a way to cook it without touching it. Hubby came to my rescue sharing his all-time favorite chicken recipe.  I called it bachelor food until I realized this "recipe" graced many a Shabbos table all over the world.

JoK Apricot Chicken 1

Apricot Chicken

And the recipe is...  Duck Sauce Chicken. Yup, it’s chicken with duck sauce just slathered over it. Now here was a “recipe” that was just my speed. I actually measured out the exact amount of sauce for your benefit, but in reality I never measure, just eyeball and pour.

Duck sauce chicken was the basis for the concept of my first cookbook and the entire Quick & Kosher brand.  In fact I almost called the book "Duck Sauce Chicken",  seriously!  But I was talked out if it with reasoning like "people will think it's just chicken recipes", or "just Chinese food".

weet and sour salmon

Sweet and Sour Salmon

The prep time on this recipe is just 3 minutes and that includes 2 minutes and 50 seconds to clean the bird. Otherwise, the recipe takes just 10 seconds—and people love it!

They always ask me what’s on the chicken and I answer,

“Duck sauce.”

And they say, “What else?”


“Just duck sauce?”

“Yes, just duck sauce.”

It’s almost embarrassing. But I do have a secret... it's Gold's Cantonese Style Duck Sauce.  I have borrowed a generic brand, from my neighbor, once, when I ran out and ooooh, it was NOT the same. It was thinner and not as flavorful and didn't behave or taste or look like I wanted.  That was just once.  Never again.  So now people know my recipe and my secret ingredient, which really is just as important.  I mean come on, when there are only two ingredients one of which is chicken the second better be a winner.  And Gold's Duck Sauce is mine.  I have been known to kiss the bottle in thanks!


Here you will find the recipe for my famous Duck Sauce Chicken and more great Gold's Duck Sauce recipes you should try:

Apricot Chicken

Sweet and Sour Salmon

Orange Chicken Thighs with Beets and Sweets

Sweet and Pungent Asian Roast

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Photo credit: Melinda Strauss took all the photos in this post, thanks Melinda.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and giveaway as part of a partnership with Gold’s. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.