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Easy Flourless No Added Sugar Banana Pancakes for Passover

banana and eggs

Way back when I was single and living in NYC I used to lose weight on Pesach. The story goes that I used the oven in my Manhattan apartment for storage – never turned the thing on. That’s not just some artistic liberty I took when writing my first book Quick & Kosher Recipes From The Bride Who Knew Nothing, it was the G-d’s honest truth. I ate out, like it was my job and on Passover subsisted on yogurt, fresh fruits and veggies. All in all that made me a happy (skinny) TV Producer.

Now that I cook, for my family and for a living, I gain weight on Pesach (and sometimes year-round) and feel this crazy need to detox post-holiday. I discovered these flourless banana pancakes at about 1:05 into this cute banana mash up video I happened upon. Well wouldn’t you know that on Passover I loaded up on matzo brie (because I don’t have the nerve to inhale that heavy of a carb laden breakfast year-round), and decided to save these no flour banana pancakes for my healthy post-Passover mornings.

egg and banana pancakes

I really didn’t believe this recipe. Couldn’t imagine how it would work with just bananas and eggs. Now I am not gonna swear (cause it’s not good to swear) that this is a seamless stand-in for fluffy flour laden pancakes. But, for a pancake-lover who wants to indulge without the added carbs it certainly does the trick. You can add flavor and texture by mixing in semi-sweet chocolate chips, coarsely chopped walnuts (or pecans), blueberries, or pumpkin puree – YUMEEEEE!

Hip Hip Hooray for this Kosher for Passover pancake recipe that just happens to be my new post-Pesach, year-round, breakfast treat!

BTW – did you like the style of the banana video? I am thinking about producing some like that… let me know.

Get the recipe for these flour free Banana Pancakes.