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Eating Healthy in the White House

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When Michelle Obama decided to plant a garden on the South Lawn of the White House it was part of her campaign of getting children to eat healthier. Mrs. Obama is trying to get children to eat healthier and she is certainly showing the way by planting a huge vegetable garden in the White House. She’s called this campaign “Let’s Move”. This campaign pushes for healthier school lunches, easier access to healthy foods, and aims to get children more involved in physical activity.

Presidential Chef Cristeta Comerford uses the produce from the White House garden in her cooking, and gears her menus towards seasonal foods. The garden isn’t just a small little vegetable patch. There are several “hoop houses” – similar to greenhouses – that allow many vegetables to be grown year round, making use of the sun’s rays even in the deepest of winter.

Comerford admits that today’s menus are definitely different from the dishes she served as chef forPresidents Clinton and George W Bush. Home grown vegetables are just as much of a main part of the meal as the protein.

The Obama’s daughters are being brought up understanding the health benefits of fresh vegetables. The first lady has noted that her daughter Sasha recently started eating tomatoes, a food she’d long ignored, due to an introduction in a school cooking class.

Mrs. Obama recently encouraged Jay Leno to eat healthy, making him let go of a long held aversion to healthy foods. She fed him apples, sweet potato fries and a very healthy vegetable pizza. Leno had previously claimed to have not eaten an apple since 1984 or a vegetable since 1969.

What are the measures being taken at your children's schools to provide healthier meals? What do you do at home to encourage healthful eating?