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Editors' Pick: 5 Gadgets To Help You Cook

Saute Pan

Beginning yesterday and ending next Wednesday, we will be posting Chef Laura Frankel's cooking technique kitchen hacks. While featuring 5 of the most common cooking techniques we thought it might help you out to have 5 gadget picks for each of the techniques. From poaching to sautéing and roasting, grilling and braising in between, Chef Laura has some incredible tips to get you starting on the best ways of approaching these 5 cooking techniques.


Fish Poacher

This VonShef 18-Inch Stainless Steel Fish Poacher is the perfect pan to help with your fish poaching technique. The 3-piece set includes a pan, insert drainer plate and lid and is large enough for a whole fish. Because it is high quality steel and dishwasher safe, the clean up after is simplified. From start to finish, this pan is a great addition to your kitchen. Find it on Amazon for 44% off the original price, only $27.99. 


Roasting Thermometer

For the techie cooks out there, a Maverick Redi-Chek Direct Connect Roasting Thermometer connects with an app for both Android and iOS smartphones which calculates cook duration and displays real-time charts. It is palm-sized and can accurately measure temperatures from 4*F to 392*F. It also had a very quick temperature read which allows you to stay on top of how cooked your meat is. Find it for only $29.95. 


Grilling Set

With this Cuisinart 10-Piece Premium Grilling Set you won't forget anything for grilling because everything you need comes in this handy leather box. The set includes a chef's spatula, grill tongs, a chef's fork, a set of 4 skewers, a grill brush and 2 replacement heads. You won't be having any kitchen disasters running back for a set of tongs. At only $62.97 you are getting a lot for your money.


Pressure Cooker

As Chef Laura explains, pressure cooking is a form of braising and this  SilverStone Microwave Cookware Pressure Cooker is a clever microwaveable cooker that makes pressure cooker i.e. braising that much faster and easier. It's also good for steaming and stewing as well and comes with a removable steaming plate and a cookbook to inspire you in the kitchen. With its BPA free construction, $58.99 is an ideal price.


Saute Pan

The perfect saute pan can be hard to come by, but All-Clad is known for there top of the line pans and this All-Clad Stainless Steel 3-Quart Saute Pan is no different. It's a great pan on it's own, but the fact that it has a lid makes sautéing your food so much easier. This model also comes in 2, 4 and 6 quarts. It is an essential cookware item for a novice or well-seasoned cook and is the perfect bridal or housewarming present. Get it on Amazon for $175.95. 

Check out Chef Laura's articles on PoachingRoasting, and Grilling and check back here for Braising and Sautéing.

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