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Five Sizzling Destinations for Summer

Norwegian Fjords

As the winds howl and temperatures drop, our minds begin to fantasize about sunny days and lazy weather.

Here are five destinations to look for when planning your summer getaway this year:

Morocco - Sahara Desert

1. Morocco
Morocco is an initiation into the magic of the Islamic, African world of medinas, minarets, desert and mountain, and yet retains a European patina. While Fez offers a stunning array of medieval buildings, the world-famous souk of Marrakech sells a bewildering array of goods, Casablanca highlights a thriving commercial center, and Rabat reflects its modern French origins. The snow-capped Atlas Mountains lie inland and beyond them are the fringes of the parched Sahara. Whether scaling distant ridges, haggling for exotic artifacts, gazing at ancient wonders or marveling at the pink of a desert dawn, in Morocco, you will be mesmerized.


2. Alaska
In June, July and August, Alaska’s brutal winter makes way for a milder climate and longer days. As you navigate this wondrous region, you will experience the grandeur of Alaska's colossal glaciers and majestic mountain ranges. Explore iconic Alaskan frontier towns and come face to face with its wild beauty. One cruise to Alaska is all you need to understand why so many flock there every year.

Norwegian Fjords

3. Norwegian Fjords
On July 14th, 2005, the West Norwegian Fjords were included in Unesco's World Heritage list. The landscape, considered to be among the most scenically outstanding fjord areas on the planet, was inscribed in the list due to its unique natural quality and beauty. Numerous waterfalls and rivers characterize the area, as they cross the rugged mountains and forests on their way down to the fjords. Beautiful villages with a sustained cultivated landscape, featuring remainders of old farms and mountain pastures with unique cultural monuments, give an extra dimension to the dramatic natural landscape.

Southern Spain

4. Southern Spain & Portugal
Andalucía, Southern Spain, is an eternal wellspring of intense beauty, festive spirit and cultural richness. Nowhere else in the world, other than in our own Jerusalem, does one see the collision of three monumental cultures so clearly and to such dramatic effect. The Muslims, Jews and Christians all contributed to a vital, if ultimately tragic, history. Andalucía is a land of pretty white villages, fabulous cities and undiscovered National Parks. From there you can travel to Portugal, home to 200,000 Jews, or 20% of the country’s population, during its Golden Age of Discovery. It is now a land of romance and beauty with alluring palaces, idyllic towns, museums and historic Jewish communities.

amalfi coast

5. Amalfi Coast
Heard of Vietri pottery? See it at the source when you stop at Vietrisul-Mare and visit one of the few remaining makers of real wood inlay in Sorrento. Visit elegant Positano and Amalfi, capital of the Italian coast. Climb up the hills to enjoy the grandeur of hilltop Ravello, famous for its concerts, villas and gardens. Then there’s Pompeii. August 24th will never be the same again after you hear from a fascinating guide what happened in 79 C.E., the year Mount Vesuvius erupted. The area boasts 3 of the best preserved Greek temples in the world at Paestum. And let’s not forget a boat-ride to Capri, with the sun on your face and sea breeze in your hair, to prepare you for a few hours of magic on that most romantic island, where a chair-lift to heaven is just one of the ways to enjoy the island to the full. On the way back you’ll see what all the fuss
is about as you experience the magnificent views of the Amalfi coast from the sea.

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Have you been to any of these destinations? Let us know about your experience.  Where are you hoping to travel this summer?