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Food Fight at Citi Field

hot dogs

The Mets have banned Kosher Sports Inc from selling their glatt kosher hot dogs, burgers, peanuts, pretzels and knishes at their games on Friday night and Saturday home games. Kosher Sports Inc are able to sell their products at other times, but not over the Jewish Sabbath. This move has lost Kosher Sports Inc well over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The issue? According to papers filed officials were worried that there would be “undermined credibility with Sabbath observing [fans]”. JoK Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff weighed in on whether food prepared on the Sabbath would be kosher or not . “If food is cooked from raw on Shabbat it may not be eaten on Shabbat. Warming food and preparing it is okay when certain precautions are added.”

Kosher Sports Inc hired a renowned law firm to fight this in the courts. Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP have represented Al Gore and also the NFL.

The contract that Kosher Sports Inc has with the ball field does not guarantee sales – over the weekend or any time. However, Kosher Sports Inc claim that they were never told that they couldn’t sell their kosher goods over the Sabbath until after they had signed a ten year contract. Since then, they have stopped making the necessary annual payments to the ball club – a move which could leave them liable for damages.

Judge Jack Weinstein ruled yesterday that the contract that was signed did not give Kosher Sports Inc the right to sell its products at all events during the ten year term of the agreement. His ruling also stated that the terms were laid out in the contract.

We’d like to know what you think – would it bother you if a Kosher vendor sold its kosher products on the Sabbath? Or would that negate its kosher status for you?

NY Daily News 2/20 /2012 
NY Daily News 2/21/ 2012