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Food Trends 2012


It's the beginning of the new year, and everyone has predictions for what will be trendy in food this year.

Huff Post Foodie Rozanne Gold says that entertaining pot luck style will be big this year - she calls it "kibbutz-style entertaining". She also says that locally grown food is becoming hip and trendy. She also predicts the end of the cupcake bubble - but I am in denial about that one. Spices will be front and center - especially new spice blends.

Fox Newshas its own slew of predictions too - our favorite is that it predicts Jewish food will be big this year. We're totally on board with that. They also say that we will be enjoying "funky pizzas" with crazy toppings and that Moroccan food will be big - something that we enjoy a lot here at JoK (Find Moroccan recipes here).

The James Beard Foundation posits that doughnuts will be big this year, but in international iterations - such as the Turkish "lokma". Whereas Fox News says there will be a Moroccan food revival, the JBF says it's Thai food that will enjoy a resurgence. Big servings at fine dining establishments will disappear, and there will be more emphasis on bite-sized foods.

The Supermarket Gurusays that food prices will continue to rise. He also agrees that local food, and a need to know where the food comes from, will be important in 2012. He predicts the rise of the ethnic food truck - now if they could make them kosher at the same time, that would be wonderful! He believes that reduced sugar will be the trendy claim of 2012 - along with info on packaging about whether the sugars occur naturally or are added.

In the Organicworld, we find that African Superfoods such as baobab and moringa will trend, a new grain called Sacha Inchi will gain in popularity, and Molasses will earn its rightful place as a sweetener alternative.

Time will tell how accurate these predictions are - we will be bringing you updates on these and other food trends throughout the year.


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