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Freezer Tips For Your Collection

freezer storage

With Yom Tov upon us, it’s important to review all the FREEZER TRICKS I share in my cookbook and at my Tupperware Freezer Class demonstrations.  I often give out a sheet like this at my demos, called ‘The Deep Freeze” with many freezer tips and tidbits. Bookmark and save these for future reference!

1- Always leave ¼” – ½” at the top of the container to allow for food expansion.
2- Never “burp” before freezing Tupperware freezer containers – seals will pop off quicker when food expands due to reduced air space.
3- Your freezer runs much more efficiently if packed full – (check previous month’s tips).
4- Save money by buying in bulk and flash freezing vegetables and meats – pull out only the number of pieces of amount that you need.
5- Add cornstarch to shredded cheese and then freeze – cheese will not freeze together.
6- Put coffee in freezer in Tupperware and it will not freeze solid and retains the natural oils in the bean which make for a better cup of coffee. One pound of coffee will brew 40 to 50 cups.
7- Use (Tupperware) Jelring for homemade ice cream cakes (layer whatever you please – try adding flavored liqueurs….!)
8- Use (Tupperware) Ice Tups for baby’s boo boos and teething; and don’t forget frozen pops for yourself!
9- More ice crystals form on cheaper brands of ice cream, therefore buy the best!
10- When you remove a Tupperware container from the freezer, wipe the inside of the seal before replacing the container – air temperature change will cause condensation that will drop back onto food causing ice crystals.
11- Always let food cool down before sealing and placing in freezer – because the steam will form condensation which will drop down onto your food and form ice crystals.
12- Make freezer jams and put into 12 oz. tumblers – no cooking or processing needed and tastes like fresh fruit.
13- Freeze juice, iced tea, milk in tumblers for minimum of 2 hours and then put in cooler or lunch bag – they will serve as your ice packs (no others needed-Perfect for Pesach/Succos trips!)
14- Put an onion in the freezer for several minutes before slicing “for no more tears!!”
15- Put a block of cheese in freezer for a half hour and it will not crumble when grating.
16- Cook soups, stews, spaghetti sauce, etc. in bulk and freeze in smaller quantities – it’s cheaper and much easier to clean up one big mess than to clean up 5 little messes!
17- Make extra batter when having waffles or pancakes – cook while you’re eating, then flash freeze on a foil-lined tray and place in large rectangle container. You’ll always have a quick “nosh” ready to heat and serve!
18- Freeze candles to make them burn more slowly and last longer. Works great for tapers—very thick candles may crack.

vegetable barley soup

Vegetable Barley Soup

I’d like to share with you a delicious soup my daughter-in-law, Laya prepares.  Friends who have made this recipe have witnessed their family members “licking the plate”! It freezes very well when you double or triple the recipe.  This is a perfect recipe for a cold or “blizzard” day! It would also complement your Succos menu.