Fried Dessert Recipe Contest Winner - Jamie Geller

Fried Dessert Recipe Contest Winner

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nutella banana eggroll

We have just finished Chanukah, 8 days of deep fried delights. We brought you:

Jamie's Nutella Banana Eggroll(Pictured above)


Laura Frankel's Churro

fried custard

Alessandra Rovati's Venetian Fried Custard

beignet 6

Jeff Nathan's Orange Scented Beignets with Winter Cider Drizzle

lemon donuts

Paula Shoyer's Lemon Doughnuts

Creme Anglaise Basil Filled Donuts

Dorot's Creme Anglaise Basil Filled Donuts


Tamar's Easy Cannoli

cake doughnuts

Harmony Sage Fried's Pistachio Apple Cake Donuts with Cherry Jus

Banana Fritter

Shoshana Ohriner's Banana Fritters

So as we wrap up Frying Season, we wanted to announce the Winner of our Fried Dessert contest - as of 9 am this morning Melinda Strauss wins the contest with a total of 38 votes for her Eggnog Cranberry Rice Fritters, with the runner up ImaRealtor33162 with 14 votes for her Thai Fried Banana. Check out our new recipe contest - the time we are looking for Slow Cooker recipes.