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Make Your Own Ramen From Noodles To Broth

As kids we are brought up to eat politely, slowly and with our mouth closed, and god forbid, make any noise while eating…

But just between us, we all know, no matter what part of the world you live, the only real way to eat and enjoy local street food is using our hands, getting messy and yes, making some joyful noise; slurp.

I believe the only way to truly enJOY ramen, this amazing East Asian meal in a bowl, is by eating with chopsticks and slurping with full gusto.

Today it is easy to find readymade kosher ramen noodles in stores, the kind where all you need to do is add hot water and stir.  But it’s even easier and much more fun creating it at home from scratch!


Homemade Ramen Noodles Step 7

Many traditional ramen noodle recipes might be a bit intimidating calling for special ingredients you can only find in a Japanese market and the use of a pasta roller.  So I got your back. I developed a simple recipe you can make with every day ingredients that are already in your house and no special equipment!!!   It is basically regular pasta dough with the addition of lemon zest to give it a unique ramen flavor.  


Homemade Ramen Noodle Soup

You can try many variations of ramen soup, where the noodles are accompanied with flavorful broth and an assortment of toppings that together create a full meal in a bowl. Try my recipe to create a rich flavorful broth that can be either vegetarian or meat and choose your toppings, everyone can make it their own.

Let me know if you try the soup and the ramen and what you added to your creation. Share a photo too.