How To Make Kosher Paella Without a Paella Pan

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Paella is one hearty dish! Typically filled to the paella-pan brim with rice, chicken, seafood, spices, vegetables and more. There is no minimum and no maximum to how many ingredients are combined to make a Paella. Since I keep kosher, my paella was a little more tamed. Seafood- outta the dish! In place of the "shrimp" I used incredible sausage. By sautéing the sausage first, my Paella base of flavor was born. Salty, briny and meaty sausage flavor; I'm a fan of that!

Before I continue with the plethora of aromatic ingredients, let me begin by how to cook a paella. Sadly, I do not own a paella pan. I even asked for an extension to write this article so I could buy cute mini paella pans for individually served dishes. Tamar, the wonderful editor at Joy Of Kosher told me "You don't need to buy a paella pan… how many people will have this in their kitchen's already? Just use a wok, or a deep frying pan." Thanks to Tamar, I saved some money, and realized that my good ol' giant meat frying pan would do the job.

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kosher paella

The key to a great paella is the layering of flavors. That takes us back to how I made the fabulous paella.

I began by sauteing the sausage. Once crispy, I removed from the pan and placed in a bowl. Next, I sauteed my dark meat chicken cutlets. Feel free to use regular white meat, but if you have tasted dark meat "pargiot" chicken I shouldn't have to explain how succulent…and AMAZING they are. Again, once cooked through, add to sausage bowl. Rice time. I chose sushi rice because it cooks very quickly. Saute the rice in the leftover fat from the sausage and chicken. Instead of water, I used chicken broth to cook the rice for added flavor. Add in garlic and spices. If your rice seems dry, add more broth. I used an entire box of chicken broth with 1.5 cups of rice. Gave a beautiful risotto texture. Once rice is cooked, toss in chicken and sausage to heat through. It is nice to keep some chicken and sausage separate to garnish the dish at the end.

I hope you enjoy making Paella, get the full recipe here! It is easy, not expensive, and a nice update on "chicken and rice."

Have you ever made Paella before? Let me know in the comments below.