How To Make Your Cut Flowers Last

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It is important to cut and condition your flowers when you get them home from the store before putting them in your vase in order to have a long lasting bouquet.  Here are the steps to prepare your flowers:

1. Start off with preparing a clean vase and fresh water from the tap.

2. Re-cut the stems using shears, 1 inch above the bottom of the stem. Cut on a sharp 45 degree angle and place in vase with water immediately.

3.Leaves that are below the water must be removed in order to keep your flowers long lasting.

4. Change the water in your vase every second day and give your flowers a snip for best results!

5. Don't hesitate to change up your flowers and use creative dishes, bowls or even a tin can as a vase and have fun with it!

Here are a few examples of arrangements I have made with tips on how you can get a similar effect at home.

flowers with a pop of color

Adding a pop of Orange really brings out the pink colors and makes the whole arrangement pop!  I also added some Olive tree branches to add another dimension and texture to the floral arrangement. I placed these in the arrangement a little higher then the flowers to create a garden, country feel. At home you can pick some different textured greenery from your garden to add to your flowers creating something more unique.

For a family simcha, place flowers in bird cages and hang them around the garden! Use different colored roses and cluster them in like colors to create a beautiful effect.

bird cage flowers

Using monochromatic colors always makes the arrangement look pleasing to the eye. Use any jar to place your flowers in, you don't have to use a classic flower vase!

monochrome flowers

I just love using different pieces from the home to showcase my flowers.  Can you believe this is a cake stand?  This would look gorge on a side table at home to show off a beautiful arrangement.

unnamed (13)

I hope you enjoyed my flower tips, for more ideas and inspiration or to book me for your next party in Israel, visit me at and on Facebook here.