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Kitchen Hacks: Learn How To Grill

Grilled Tuna Nicoise Salad

Grilling is a dry heat method that involves direct and high heat applied to food either from below or on an open wire rack. Typically the food to be grilled is quick cooking.

Grilling is one of the oldest methods of cooking and is almost universal in method and appeal. Grilling exposes food to very high heat, often above 500 F which produces a very characteristic aroma and high level of browning and Maillard reaction.

Grilling is often thought to be healthy due to the lower amount of fat used in cooking and the fact that most fat drips off the food.

Studies show that some charred foods can lead to carcinogenic compounds forming as a result of high heat. Methods to avoid this are to eat foods that are grilled at lower temperatures, to marinate food in garlic, rosemary, cherries and extra virgin olive oil which greatly mitigates the effect of the potential health problems.

I love summer and there is nothing better than sipping a glass of wine and grilling dinner. As a chef and experienced grill maven, don’t leave your food unattended on a grill. I have learned the hard way that a seemingly uneventful grill session can become a kitchen disaster during a quick run to retrieve forgotten tongs or more wine!

Most people think of hamburger and hot dogs when it comes to grilling, so try my delicious and non-traditional Grilled Nicoise Salad.

Grilled Tuna Nicoise Salad

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