Kosher Cheese Goes A Cut Above

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Kosher Cheese Goes A Cut Above

During the past five years, kosher cheeses have passed beyond the basic varieties. No longer are there just a few choices, but so much more now that there has been an increase in all the kinds available. After waiting for years for kosher cheese to be on par with non-kosher kinds, consumers now have plenty to choose from. And because of the surge of competition, kosher cheese sometimes gets more attention from customers who don't even eat kosher.

Israel and Europe export many exotic flavors of cheeses, and this has added to the growth of choices now available. It seems as if lately this 'cheese rivalry' has created an explosion of the kinds of quality kosher cheese. Cheese makers are adding spices and flavors to their kosher cheese, and selling cheeses to all markets, not just kosher consumers alone. This would include vegetarians and upscale restaurants, looking for quality in taste and purity in the product.

The word is getting out that kosher cheese is gaining strength as a growing trend. People are getting educated, and are willing to pay a little more in order to get a lot more. In return, they get more choices and higher quality kosher cheese that they can enjoy. Kosher certified cheese is making a real run for popularity lately and the demand is rising. And cheese makers are meeting that demand now that they have found that selling kosher really sets their product apart.