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I won’t pretend that a year of dealing with Covid has been kind to my waistline. It would be more accurate to ask “what waistline?” and admit that I’ve succumbed to wearing elastic. And I’m avoiding my scale. Like the plague. I’ve managed to wedge it behind the bathroom door so it’s completely out of sight. I don’t want to know that it exists; it is not my friend.

I hate the “d” word.  Every time I try a new diet, I set myself up for failure. It’s a big event: I am going to start the diet, today is the last day before the diet, (yay!) I started the diet, (cry) I already broke the diet, “how’s the diet going?” I’m asked “oh the diet?” I say “that was so yesterday”. I detest counting calories or points and I don’t like eliminating foods or waiting between food groups. It’s enough to wait between meat and dairy, who can wait three hours between proteins and carbs?

My new motto: “I don’t diet.”

Since I’m not the kind of person to cook one way for my family, and another way for myself, I’m aiming for a new healthy eating lifestyle -- something that will work for everyone and leave no one feeling deprived (especially me ).  Of course, it’s pointless to sacrifice flavor for healthier eating, because it won’t go the distance. I’ll wind up sneaking an éclair 5 minutes into the effort.

So maybe you and I are in the same state: while not quite focusing on every calorie, you still have to deal with your scale adding up numbers like a runaway train.  So it’s time you joined our new and improved Fresh Families healthy meal plan

And you won't even have to give up chocolate...

Have you been avoiding your scale like the plague? Are you looking for ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes lighter recipes? Maybe you just want an easy way to get dinners on the table every night.  Our meal plans have everything you are looking for, sign up here