Kosher off the beaten track

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In some American cities, kosher food could be considered almost run-of-the-mill to Jews and non-Jews alike. There are more kosher restaurants in the metro-New York area than anyplace outside Israel, and large Jewish communities such as Miami, Florida, London, England and Melbourne, Australia boast impressive lists of kosher establishments.

In recent years, however, kosher food has become something of a fad, even outside "traditional" Jewish quarters. Unlikely locales such as Newport, Rhode Island and Oahu, Hawaii recently celebrated openings for kosher restaurants, and the Orthodox Union recently called on U.S. airlines to offer kosher food for sale on domestic flights. Heck, some people are even getting their pets into the act.

And speaking of out-of-the-way kashrut stories, here is a decent review of Sophie Judah's "Dropped from Heaven" (Schocken, 243 pages, $23), which deals with culture and kashrut issues for Bene Israel community in India.