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L'Chaim! Glenmorangie Scotland's Favorite Single Malt Gets OU Kosher Certification


Kosher whisky drinkers can now add two single malt choices to their collections; Glenmorangie Original and Glenmorangie Astar have received kosher certification by the Orthodox Union (OU).

The Glenmorangie Company announced that two Glenmorangie products have received kosher certification from the OU, the world's leading kosher certification agency. Glenmorangie, recently named “Distillery of the Year” at the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, said packaging and promotional materials bearing the OU symbol will be distributed throughout the US beginning in the next few months. According to the OU, Glenmorangie is the first major single malt scotch brand to receive kosher certification.

What Makes Scotch Kosher?

Scotch whisky is an alcoholic spirit distilled in Scotland from malted barley mash to which other whole grains may be added. Single malt Scotch is made from 100% barley malt and produced at a single distillery. Blended malt whisky combines malts from more than one distillery. By law, Scotch must be aged in oak casks a minimum of three years and one day. If the aging casks formerly contained wine, sherry or port, this might  present a potential kashrut snag.  Another possible kashrut issue is whether glycerin from a non-kosher source has been added to the scotch as a finishing agent. Glenmorangie's receipt of OU certification certainly makes it easier for kosher consumers to avoid any pitfalls. As with any kashrut matter, it's best to seek the guidance of your local rabbi or kashrut supervising agency when choosing spirits.

What's your favorite drink? Will you be stocking up on Glenmorangie now that it has OU certification? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.