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Make Your Own Sandwiches For Dinner

sandwiches for dinner

"Mommy! We're hungry! When's supper?" The children run into the house, faces hot and flushed from their playing.  They crowd around me, clinging to my skirt, holding my hands, their faces waiting for an answer with all seriousness.

Forget that during the day, these three delicious children have eaten both breakfast and lunch, and have nibbled and noshed all through the afternoon. It was time for supper. Question to myself: What was I going to make? It was one of Those Days.

Those Days usually happen in the summer. It's hot, and you've been busy from the minute you woke up.  Perhaps it's the week in between school and summer camp, or the week between summer camp and the first day of school.  Whatever time it is, it usually involves a hot summer day, or a day packed with entertaining little ones, running errands...a day where turning on the stove is just too much.

It's too hot, you have no clue what to make for supper, and you’re rushed off your feet- sound familiar?
Ordering in will take too long and they need a proper meal. Now what?

"Kinderlach, give Mommy ten minutes, and she'll have a supper for you. Something yummy." I say.

They watch me for a moment. "Ten minutes, 'okay Mommy?", my eldest says. At 6, he is the spokesman for the group.

“Ten minutes, tzaddik," I say, before planting kisses on all their cheeks and heading into the kitchen.


It's nothing fancy. But hungry children do not need fancy, they need food. And a Mommy busy on a hot summer day needs something that requires no cooking. It's a perfect night for Make Your Own Sandwiches.

Make Your Own Sandwich- make it the way you want it, kinderlach, so long as you eat it.

Want tuna on rye with potato chips?
Egg salad in laffa with cut up pickles?
Tuna and eggs with salad on challah, with pretzels?

No problem. Just make sure you eat what you take, please.

And what could be better for dessert than homemade ice cream on a cone? Perfect ending to a wonderful summer day.

Homemade raspberry ice cream on a cone- nothing like it for a summer evening that seems to go on and on.

egg salad

Deviled Egg Salad

Prepare the hard-boiled eggs the night before or early in the morning, when it’s not so hot. This will give them time to chill thoroughly. The golden yellow color from the egg salad is from mustard. I used Dijon in the recipe, with a bit of hot paprika to boost the flavor a bit. You can also use deli mustard for a stronger, spicier flavor-just omit the paprika.


Dill Lemon Tuna

The tuna is just straight from the can. I recommend albacore packed in water (for taste as well as health). You can add more mayonnaise if desired-my family prefers a dryer salad.

It’s better to let the salads sit, so the flavors can really mix and mingle, but if there is no time, these are good to serve immediately as well.

I deliberately will put in less seasoning to start, and then add later. You can always add flavor, but it’s really difficult to fix if you add too much from the beginning.

ice cream

Vegan Raspberry Ice Cream

For the raspberry ice cream you do need to prepare ahead, make it the night before.  You can change the flavor by using any other sort of jam as the base- just make sure it has no seeds or pieces of fruit in it. I find it doesn’t freeze as well, and the rich, smooth creaminess is lost.