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Meat Lesson - Chuck and Bolo

new london1297

This month we will be discussing three different cuts. Theoretically these cuts still fall under the Chuck Primal section,  closer to the animal's shoulder blade. The cuts I will be talking about are marked 4, 5 and 6 on the beef chart.

sharon cuts

Cut number 5 - Side Bolo/Boneless Blade Steak/'Sharon's Pearl'

This is a small cut (about 12 - 15 inches long) but a very tender cut of meat. Slicing it horizontally on either side of the white sheet of sinew that runs through the middle, gives you two large steaks . This is quite a thick piece of meat (about 2 - 3 inches thick) however, the cows may be bigger in America so your steak may be slightly thicker!

01_summertime steak salsd

This is a very tender cut of meat, in fact, it's the only cut I will use for my Summertime Steak Salad and it's never let me down, ever! In the pictures above you will see the raw cut, whole (on the left) before it has been separated horizontally, together with a picture (on the right) where the raw cut has been cut vertically. Cut this way (vertically) they are known as 'Oyster steaks', cut horizontally they are known as blade steaks or 'Sharon's Pearl' TM!

Use this cut to make this Beefeater Pub Lunch.

Click to read about Number 4, the Shoulder Roast and Number 6, the Round Bolo.