Michel Cluizel Launches Line of Gourmet Kosher Parve Chocolates

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Michel Cluizel is a world renowned luxury chocolate maker.  For Hanukkah, Chocolat Michel Cluizel, on 5th Avenue in New York City, launched its first line of OU certified kosher truffles, pastries and macaroons.  This is the first time the 63 year old French company is producing chocolate in the US.  The chocolate is produced in a brand new state of the art facility built especially for this Kosher Non-Dairy line.

With this first line they are producing 5 flavors of truffles.  My personal favorite is Joy, with almond and hazelnut praline and cocoa nibs coated in dark chocolate.  Now, all of us can experience the Joy of Kosher through chocolate.  I was privileged to receive a sampling of these chocolates and  can’t get enough!  Enjoying these chocolates on a Friday night with a glass of red wine after a nice Shabbat dinner is just pure heaven.

Now that I’ve got you excited, how do you get your own?

You can visit the NYC store, 584 5th Avenue and select the chocolates you want at $2 a piece or pick up a pre-packaged box of 14, 16 or 25 pieces.  While you are there, you can even try their macaroons for $2.50 a piece and a variety of pastries including a Crunchy Praline Napoleon, Vanilla and Chocolate Eclairs and a Chocolate Opera Cake.  For a special occasion, you can order pre-packaged boxes of pastries or even the "Shabbat Box" which includes four gourmet kosher pastries for $20.  They will also Fed Ex your order if you can't make it in person, just call (646) 415-9126 to place your order.  You can bring that over to my house any time (or every time)!