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My Embarrassing Smart Fries Food Moment


What’s your most embarrassing food moment?

Here’s mine, and I blush to tell it.

Last week, our product manager gave me a bunch of Smart Fries so I could try out the flavors in advance of my August Quick & Kosher Bites roundup. So I grab the bags, hop in the car, and begin my two-hour commute home. Now I never do this, but it was hot day and I decided that I’d feel cooler in a beret or a snood instead of the sheitel I was wearing. So I popped into a local store and bought something that was airy and comfortable, except that the way it hung down around my ears made me look like a medieval serf. The kind of thing I’d never wear in public, but hey, I’m just driving home.

Did I mention I hadn’t eaten lunch or dinner? So I rip open a bag of Smart Fries like a hungry animal, thinking I’ll try one, two, maybe three fries just to tide me over. Whoa! What a surprise. I thought they would taste like kid food, but I loved them. First, I tried Vinegar Splash. They were light, crisp, and salty. After salty, I needed sweet, so I tried Honey Mustard & Onion and it totally hit the mark. At the next red light, I rummaged around in the bag and found that I had Honey BBQ. Well, I just had to try those.

So I have three bags open and I’m pounding the Smart Fries with wild abandon. About 45 minutes into my trip, I hear an insistent series of beeps. I turn my head and see the CEO of coming up on my left. I’ve got a mouthful of fries, crumbs on my face, and an ugly shmatta on my head! I try to duck and hide my red face as he sails past, waving jovially.

I drove 20 miles an hour the rest of the trip home, careful not to catch up with him -- so I could finish off those Smart Fries in peace.

What’s your most embarrassing food moment? You don’t have to use your real name here! Leave a comment and let’s get the discussion going. Please, don’t leave me all alone in this!