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'My Grandmother's Ravioli' Will Premiere With Classic Jewish Cuisine

Chicken Soup with Kreplach

The new show, ‘My Grandma’s Ravioli’ debuts on October 24th on the Cooking Channel.   The show will follow, Mo Rocca as he learns treasured family recipes from grandparents across the country.  Mo grew up on his grandmother’s ravioli and although the memories will never be forgotten, the recipes are.  In each 30-minute episode, Mo will learn from other people’s grandparents how to make traditional specialties from their families.

In the first episode Mo visits 76-year-old spitfire grandmother Ruth Teig in Scarsdale, NY for a lesson in classic Jewish cuisine.  He will learn to make kreplach, gefilte fish from scratch and coffee cake.  Ruth includes family anecdotes and gives Mo a hilarious tutorial in Yiddish expressions.  As a holocaust survivor, Ruth shares her true appreciation for all the wonderful things in life and we look forward to watching her.