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My New Kitchen Confessions


The truth.

Israel is amazing.

My oven/stove top situation... is a disaster.

We inherited this thing with the place we are renting.

Jamie's Oven

With so many seen and unforeseen moving expenses Hubby implored me to try to make it work.   Well I am trying.  Trying to give it a workout, the likes of which it has probably never seen in it's seemingly very looong life.  And the verdict, this thing is totally out of shape.  I am used to boot camp cooking, yet it seems happy to just boil water, one very small pot at a time.

While I cry.

And Shabbos races in.

At first when I saw it, after entering a comatose-like state, I started to celebrate.  Because while I had this mini-me oven, "thankfully" I didn't have a stove top and would have to be "forced" to buy a new "top-of-the-line-American" stove top.  Yes I am using a lot of "quotes" simply because I feel like it.  Hubby was upset because that meant one more unforeseen expense on a list of bills that was growing as our bank account was diminishing.  I was doing the dance-of-joy because why should two people worry about the finances, where would the fun be in that?

As I began to dream about whether I needed 5 or 6 burners, which brand I should buy and if I should splurge on a milichig and fleishig cook top, something I had never had in the states.... mid-dream, I heard Hubby laugh.

And to hear him laugh is to know what it sounds like when somebody rains on your parade.  He has this cackle (his mom has it too) and in all my adult life I have never heard anything like it.  It's the kind of sound that turns heads at both intimate dinner parties and lavish kiddushim.  It's the kind of sound that stops one dead in their tracks, mid sentence, mid breath.  It's the kind of sound that instantly makes you feel you want in on that joke.  Except of course when you are that joke.  Because while I am measuring counter tops and moving walls to make way for my commercial cook top in our rental kitchen, Hubby lifted this white thing you see here and found my new Israeli stove top.

jamie stove top

And I have been crying ever since.

Of the 4 burners only 3 work, the 3 smallest.  With the tiniest one no larger than a silver dollar.

stove top

Hence that small pot of water of which I spoke.  And the kicker is this mini mart oven only has 1 rack that actually cooks, the other just sits there and looks pretty like a garish float at the Macy's day parade.  Well I looked none too pretty when I discovered that my 2 pans of Herb Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes would have to be cooked in 2 rounds.  Likewise when I bought 6 "pounds" of ground beef to make Grandma's Meatballs so that I would have enough to serve and freeze for later use I stared at this "thing" wondering how many shifts and hours I would have to dedicate to my 40 balls of ground beef.  Yes I know none of these dishes sound all too exotic, or even Israeli but I guess, subconsciously when things are changing all around you, and life as you know it is upside down and your oven/stove top thingy is giving you the silent treatment - one resorts to comfort food, the kind of stuff that makes you feel all is right with the world.

What do you cook when you are stressed and overwhelmed with life?

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