My Soy Cinnamon Hot Cocoa Trick

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soy hot cocoa

I have been stressed (did you read about my oven?).  And unfortunately I don’t have the gift of losing my appetite under such situations.  I just want to eat.  First savory then sweet, then savory again then back to sweet, you know the game I’m sure.  Between the holidays, the move and all the changes I have definitely gained a few unwanted pounds, in more than a few unwanted places.  I am really bummed about it but am trying to focus on bringing my life back under control this month including my eating.

A little trick I use is this hot cocoa.  When I want something sweet and need to tell my body “we are done eating” and it’s time to “stop and step away from the refrigerator” – I have always found this filling hot drink is my friend.

hot cocoa collage

When I am being super good I use 90 calories per serving vanilla almond milk – it’s definitely not as creamy as when I use vanilla soy milk but it still hits the spot.  Of course you can use regular, low–fat or skim milk it’s just that I am not and never really was a big milk drinker.  In general I adore milchigs but not milk per say.  I would totally grab soy milk before milk on any occasion -- even if I am not fleish.  Although when I’m in a super celebratory mood or in a super stressed place using heavy cream is in order.  “They” say too much soy is not good for you so that’s why I recently switched to almond but keep the creamier soy around as a treat.

“They” also say cinnamon is very good for you and that it has the power to lower LDL (your bad cholesterol), has an anti-clotting effect on blood and can help stabilize sugar which is great for weight loss (so sometimes I add extra, and then just a dash more).

I make one cup for myself by warming the soy milk in the microwave and vigorously whisking together the cocoa, cinnamon and truvia in boiling water until dissolved.  Then I whisk it into the hot "milk" in my oversized mug and wrap my hands around it like a big hug.  I like to tuck my feet under me when drinking cause it’s cozy – but that’s certainly not a perquisite – do your own cozy thing, point is to savor it.  Really it doesn’t work if you don’t take the time to enjoy it, the minute to recognize this is the end of my meal (or a filling “snack”) and I want to be present for this moment.  If you want more than a single serving, follow the instructions in my recipe for Soy Cinnamon Hot Cocoa.

What's your favorite cozy hot drink? Let me know in the comments below.


Many thanks to the talented cook, photographer, teacher and food blogger Melinda Strauss  She is both a friend, frequently having guest blogged here  and featured columnist in the magazine.  Over time Melinda has also become a personal friend.  She is the co-founder of the first ever, long awaited Kosher Food Bloggers Conference which will take place on November 12th from 10:30 am – 4:30 pm at Millesime at The Carlton Hotel in New York City.  I am so very honored she asked me to be the Keynote Speaker.  Melinda has taken all the photos of this here recipe and I love them!  Please visit her blog for more from the creative and adventurous cook that is Melinda Strauss.