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New Kosher Culinary School Opens in Tel Aviv

dan hotel kosher cooking school

There is a new way to hone your culinary skills and learn to become a chef in a kosher environment.  The Dan Gourmet School of Kosher Culinary Arts recently opened in Tel Aviv, Israel.  It is a first time collaboration between the ORT Vocational Schools and the prestigious Dan Hotel chain.

The new $2 million center is fully equipped and ready to train Israel’s next generation of chefs and pastry chefs.  The center which claims the largest kosher learning kitchen in the world will offer an internationally recognized cooking and baking curriculum for aspiring chefs.  The full program will take 8 months to complete.  The classes are based on the Culinary Institute of America, where Amir, the head chef/teacher studied, however they are taught in Hebrew.  Writing exercises are not expected in Hebrew and some English translations can be accommodated, so if you have some basic Hebrew you should be able to get by.

In addition to training young people to be kosher chefs, the school will also offer informal courses in response to the growing need for workshops and classes for Israelis looking to improve their cooking skills.  So far all the courses are exclusively in Hebrew, but starting in the new year they will begin offering week long courses for tourists including trips around the country (sounds like a my kind of vacation).

Whether you are a foodie who just wants to cook great food at home and for friends or you want to be a professional chef, this new kosher culinary school will inspire.  Amir says, "Culinary students are the future of the Israeli culinary scene.  We hope to bring international knowledge and experience into their fresh cooking style".

For more information –

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Image - The Kitchen at the new school provided by Dan Hotel.

Please email the director with any questions you may have