¡Oy-lé! Can Kosher Get a Spicy Mexican Makeover?

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Kosher cooking can get a bad rap when it comes to spice, but there's no reason you can't up the heat with the help of some kosher Mexican food.

The U.S. take on Mexican food is heavily influenced by the flavors of the border and the Mexican region of Puebla. Even Cinco de Mayo, which many think is Mexican Independence Day (it's actually September 16th), celebrates a Mexican victory over French invaders in Puebla on May 5, 1862. Like American cooking, Mexican cuisine is a hybrid, combining indigenous traditions and ingredients like corn (maize), chocolate and chilies with Spanish, French and German cooking. In the U.S., Mexican cooking has been very influential, especially in border states like California and Texas.

For kosher Mexican, start off with delicious guacamole & chips and then choose from any of these exciting recipes from the Joy of Kosher.com recipe selector:

Kosher Mexican Recipes to Make at Home:

Spicy enough for you? Let us know what you are making.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!