Passover Gift Ideas: Seder Plates and Haggadahs

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tiered seder plate

Whether you are looking for a new gift idea to bring your hosts this Passover or looking to upgrade your Judaica here are a few of our new favorite Haggadahs and Seder Plates.

Some people use the same Haggadah year after year and work to make sure everyone at their table has the same one and some enjoy adding a new one to their collection every year.  Even if you don't use it at the Seder, every haggadah is unique and offers new insights to help you plan your seder.

bronfman haggadah

The Bronfman Haggadah was published last year by the renowned philanthropist and Jewish Leader, Edgar Bronfman.  This haggadah is beautifully illustrated and is meant for people of all ages and all backgrounds.  This year they have added on a companion Haggadah app to help people prepare for the seder.  Children can listen to the story of the Exodus and learn the songs of the seder.  You can watch videos and learn in a more interactive way.

escape velocity

This new haggadah is hot off the presses and comes to us by Stanely Lebovic the writer and illustrator who happens to be the husband to Linda Lebovic, one of our regular contributors.  The book is a large heirloom edition with over 60 full color illustrated pages and a 3 feet illustrated pull out.  This haggadah sets an example of how to bring one's self to the Seder table and intertwine the richness inherent in each of us with the poetry and song found throughout the Haggadah.  Stanley aims to bring the stories of old to the people of today.  Get your copy on Amazon.

the night that unites

This new Haggadah, The Night That Unites, is the first one that combines the teachings of three modern Rabbis from the 20th Century.  Get stories from Rav Kook, songs from Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, and teachings from Rabbi Soloveitchik.  Don't miss the questions to help engage your seder guests.

This one is not an actual haggadah, but can offer some new excitement to your seder.  Many people like to do games and skits to get the children involved and even keep the less inclined grown ups interested.  This book of plays and parodies will help get everyone engaged.

passover parodies

pop hagaddah

This Haggadah is a new modern looking, bright and lively book.  It might be a little harder to read some of the sections, but it is worth it for the illustrations and fun colors.

There are many kinds of Seder Plates.  Some like to have one with the three levels below the plate to hold the matzahs, some need an extra plate for the ever expanding family and some just want one for decoration, let's check out a few below.

This modern colorful Lotus Seder Plate is a real beauty, maybe more for those looking for decoration, but it can be practical too.

quest lotus seder plate

Most of the tiered seder plates are either silver plated domes or gorgeous artsy ones that are very expensive.  This wooden tiered Seder plate has a less traditional shape, but is pretty and functional.  Emanuel Tiered Seder Plate.

tiered seder plate

For a more classic design and easily used and cleaned seder plate, consider this white porcelain pomegranate seder plate.

seder plate porcelain