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Our Top Picnic Picks

Have you ever picnicked at a concert and coveted your neighbors set up?

Some people really know how to pack a picnic in style.  These 4 gadgets will help step up your picnic game exponentially.  While some might only be worth the splurge if you picnic weekly, there are some inexpensive double duty items that are worth considering. 

rolling picnic basket

There are lots of picnic baskets on the market, many include lots of gadgets and a set of plates etc, but between not knowing how many people you might be and having to clean them, paper goods are much preferred.  The most important thing for a cooler is to be on wheels. Check out this cute rolling bag on Amazon. 

Pocket Picnic Blanket

Considering all the stuff you have the shlep, this Pocket Waterproof Blanket, is a real space saver.  It will keep you dry and clean wherever you go and if you want a little more cushion you can still use this underneath an extra blanket. 

cheese board for picnic

Cheese and wine and bread is a common and easy picnic to prepare, but you don't want to carry around loose knives.  This cheese board stores the knives inside so it keeps you safe with all the tools you need. 

Portable Picnic Table

For the real wow factor, get yourself one of these portable picnic tables - it collapses into a small briefcase looking holder.  

Now that you have the gadgets, what about the foods?

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