J.O.K Taster's take on Quiona Tabbouleh

This recipe right here is going to be my secret health weapon! You could change the whole feeling of this salad by simply swapping out the herb combination for a different one.

If you've never made quinoa then this dish would be a great one to start your quinoa addiction, I mean health kick. Talk about being healthy and yum! It's an incredibly easy dish to prepare. My only recommendation would be to toast the Quinoa with a little coconut oil in the pan before you add the water. Toasting quinoa adds great depth to its flavor.

J.O.K Taster twist: Instead of mixing this salad up go ahead and make it layered. This gives you a completely different look and is still amazingly delicious! 

This dish is great for a side at a party, or wonderful addition to your shabbos table! I'm thinking it would even be fantastic for taking to work/school or a picnic. As a great vegetarian dish you could use it as the star dish of a meal, this is going to be a really flexible recipe.

Would anyone like a video to see how to make this dish? Let me know in the comments below.