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shifra's demos

We had so much fun this year with the once in a lifetime convergence of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving.  On the site, in the magazine and even in person.  Although Hanukah goes way beyond the externals of the "traditional" foods, Thanksgiving is very much tied to the official "Thanksgiving dinner," and as such, people were looking for interesting ways to have their turkey with their latkes.

That's where Shfira Klein comes in.  Many communities called upon Shifra, the editor-in-chief of the Joy of Kosher magazine to demonstrate various Thanksgivukkah menu options. She had a lot of fun, check it out.

demo menu

On the menu in both Chabad of Cobb, GA and Chabad of Chattanooga, TN:

Eggplant with Tahini Sauce topped with a Fresh Herb Salad and Supremed Lemon
Naturally Sweetened Iced Tea
Stuffed Latkes
Chicken Roll-Ups with Cranberry Sauce
Kale Quiche
Chocolate Parfait

On to Chabad of Atlanta.  The glamorous event featured the same menu, but with a Shabbos twists, like 6 types of cholent and 4 types of challah with dip.

Shabbat Theme Demo

The cooking demonstration combined Chanukah, Thanksgiving, and Shabbos all rolled into one, including all of the above plus more.

chopped challenge

At the Chabaad of Westport, CT, I hosted a unique event for teens – A Kosher “Chopped” contest where the teen contestants, were divided into four groups, and each given a closed box of regular and unique ingredients consisting of potatoes, kale, fresh cranberries and prepared horseradish along with regular pantry ingredients with which to make an original latke and sauce.

The contestants were given a basic latke recipe to use as inspiration. Midway through the competition, they were also given a curve-ball ingredient – fresh parsley or mint which they had to incorporate as well.

The final dishes were judged by Shifra Klein, food blogger Liz Rueven of and 2 other local foodies and the teams scored points for taste, creativity and presentation. The contest proved to be a lot of fun for the teens and a wonderful way to get them into the Chanukah spirit and some very interesting and tasty dishes were created.

Comment below if you attended any of these demos and stay tuned for for more info on upcoming events:

February 4th and 5th in San Diego

March  3rd and 4th in  Maryland

March 6th in Merick, Ny

For more information or to bring Shifra Klein to your community, email: