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Asian Vegetables with Quinoa

Week 17 Asian Veggies Featured Image

You can get this one-pot recipe right here. This is simply a brillant dish, simply brilliant. Instead of getting out two pans and a few bowls this recipe uses one pan. You heard me right. One pan. Did I forget to mention that this is a stir-fry recipe, and it starts with all raw food, including the quinoa?!?!

Week 17 Asian Veggies 1

Let's get into it! Slicing and prepping veggies - no biggie here. The veggies for the most part were in my fridge. I only had a snag on grabbing the eggplant. Being slightly :) out of season all of the ones at my local grocery store were not up to par - at all. So I followed the suggestion of others who commented on the recipe. and picked up some zucchini. A simple item swap an I was on my way to one-pot bliss.
All went very well in the cooking dept. no strange vaporized vinegar filling the house this time. Each item got its turn in the pan and they were cooking great. And then came the moment of truth. Would the quinoa cook or would their be dry little pearls stuck to parts of the pan. Thankfully they didn't, no dry, unappetizing quinoa. It was all beautifully cooked and ready to go! I'm thinking that this may be the way to go in a few other veggie/seasoning combos. Maybe leave out the Asian flavors and go for an Italian one next time or Mediterranean...hmmmm. Well the wheels are churning and I'm thinking some more great food is ahead!

I do need to give a thanks here to the person who told me to ignore the label on the bag of quinoa. You know the one that tells you it's "pre-washed & ready to cook!" Don't believe it, trust me I learned that the hard way (imagine a few batches of quinoa being gagged down since it's "healthy" and who wants to waste money?!?!) If you want to avoid the metal/soap taste that unwashed quinoa can have then rinse, and rinse again, and don't forget to rinse. :)

Week 17 Asian Veggies 2

All the best!