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/RECIPE/ Baked Oatmeal To Go

Week 19 Baked Oatmeal featured image

Don't let the array of ingredients intimidate you on this recipe. If you've been wanting to add some flax into your diet start here. This recipe is not picky and makes some scrumptious  little snacks. I really loved the fact that this recipe gave measurements for stevia (it even had a honey option for those of you who don't love stevia yet) in the packets or to measure out from a jar  - WONDERFUL!!!!!!!

Week 19 Baked Oatmeal 1

I was worried when I added the full amount of milk, it was SO runny. But I went with it and it ended up working out just fine.

Week 19 Baked Oatmeal 2

Instead of using the optional toppings as toppings I mixed them in to spread the flavor. That made this recipe a winner. The chocolate chips spread throughout and the wonderful crunch of the walnuts were not just on the top. I wanted a mixture of flavors not just chocolate and walnut, or cinnamon and raisins. So here is what I did to get that, I did not add the cinnamon in with the dry ingredients. Instead I mixed the batter portion up in a large bowl and then had smaller bowls with my "flavor options" one was raisin, date, cinnamon, & walnut, another was chocolate chips, and walnut etc. Any of your fav combos would work. Then I divided the batter between the four smaller bowls and mixed them to combine.

Week 19 Baked Oatmeal 3

This accomplished two objectives: 1) mixed the toppings in to make the whole treat yummy, not just the top 2) gave me different flavor profiles for all the people in my family, everyone won.

Week 19 Baked Oatmeal 4

The batch came out with a bit more (a whole extra pan) than the recipe said which I think is a wonderful thing. But be warned since it will take a little bit more oven time. I liked them a bit thinner, gave it more of a treat bar feel vs. a muffin feel. Over all healthy, fast and a great way to use up that chametz. #chametzfest2015 #bakedoatmealtogo