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/RECIPE/ Caramel Pear Lattice Pie

Week 3 featured image

You can get the recipe for the Caramel Pear Lattice Pie right over here.

So Pear Pie was a first for me. I made many pies in my kitchen, dutch apple, pumpkin, pecan, cranberry streusel, and blueberry to name a few. But a pear one was missing from my repertoire. So this was a fun one!

Week 3 Pear Pie

During the preparation I tasted the pie in its different stages ;) like every good baker. The juice of 1 whole lemon had me scared. All I could envision was SOURness! And when I tasted it part of the way through it was pretty sour. But, I decided to go with it as written and make it one time just as the recipe called for. Then, if it didn’t turn out I would change the recipe. And boy did it ever turn out! It may have even been a tad sweet! But the taste and texture of the filling was perfect. The cardamom was an amazing spice for this pie! Deliciousness! The raw sugar was just what was needed for sprinkling on the top to give you a really beautiful finish. The larger granules give it the needed dimension and pop. I only really have one issue with the recipe – it says to reduce the oven hear to 375 degrees. But it never has a higher temp listed…. This one was a lot of fun and there is plenty more to come!

Week 3 Pear Pie process