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/RECIPE/ Chocolate Cigars

Week 9 featured image

Wow. I've got to find a better word to describe these amazing treats! You are definitely going to want to grab this recipe over here!  If you are a chocolate lover you would be missing out if you don't at least try this recipe once...or twice.....or more. :) One person in my family described it as a "brownie wrapped in a sweet cloud" yes, I would consider this a winner.

Week 9 Chocolate Cigars 1

Its not overly sweet and would make a wonderful accompaniment to a vanilla bean ice cream. These Chocolate Cigars would make a great presentation at a nice dinner. Alone or paired with whipping cream or ice cream. YUM!

Week 9 Chocolate Cigars 2

When I first read over the recipe I was a little worried about it. It seemed like it was going to be a touchy recipe, one that is easy to mess up. But it's not, this recipe is so simple & so elegant! Don't let the fillo/phyllo dough intimidate you - go for it!

Week 9 Chocolate Cigars 3

And like I've mentioned before, my time as JOKTaster has grown my experiences in the kitchen. Making Polenta, adding both beans and noodles to a soup, and now working with Phyllo dough. And am I ever LOVING it! New experiences grow us and show amazing new things and give us great ideas for the old. The Chocolate Cigars would be GREAT for anyone to make, the hardest part is making sure you don't forget the cream while you wait on it to boil. Someone asked if this could be made without nuts, and I sure would think so. They do add a wonderful crunch but are not necessary for the texture. Have a fantastic time in the kitchen! Make sure you start following me on Instagram, I post pictures up there before they get to the blog. You can get more of my kitchen action immediately while its happening - or pretty close to immediate. :) I even posted a video of how I rolled my Chocolate Cigars - a little different than the recipe originally specified.

Week 9 Chocolate Cigars 4