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/RECIPE/ Chocolate Mint Hamantashen

Week 18 Chocolate mint Hamantashen Featured Image

This recipe was the base for one of the ideas that I shared on the Hamantaschen video I made. I was more than excited to have an excuse to make yet again! YUM!!!!!

Week 18 Chocolate mint Hamantashen 1

Personally I'm a lover of the chocolate and mint combo. I feel that it's one of the worlds most delish combos really, BUT.....not everyone in my family agrees, or should I say mint does not agree with everyone in my family. So, I came up with a second idea for a filling, which I also shared in my video - Milk Duds. WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A chewy, creamy, chocolaty filling. Yes, I also love a good chocolate and caramel combo.

Week 18 Chocolate mint Hamantashen 2

This is a great Hamantashen recipe, the chocolate dough gives a nice change to the sugar cookie flavor of most. I also added some chocolate drizzle to make it a triple choco cookie. Even better!!!! Have fun with your Hamantashen and enjoy them! Be creative and make things work for your taste and family!!!

All the best!