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/RECIPE/ Cold Sesame Carrot Noodle Salad

Week 11 Cold Carrot Salad Featured Image

You can find this uber healthy and very tasty recipe right here.

I made this one with some great expectations - Tamar has some fantastic recipes. And my expectations were not let down! I was nervous part way through though, so make sure to read this post all the way through see what threw me.

Week 11 Cold Carrot Salad 1

I had a lot of fun using my julienne peeler and making veggie noodles. With the first carrot I peeled to a point and then the carrot was too thin which cause my peeler to hit the cutting board. But with the second one I treated my carrot like a square log. I would peel side 1 then turn, peel side 2 then turn, peel side 3 then turn,  peel side 4 and go for another rotation. That way I made my round carrot was turned into a "square log" this meant I ended up with a really small, thin "square log". Much less excess.

Week 11 Cold Carrot Salad 2

So, what was it that threw me on this recipe. So I had shredded my carrot noodles (which I was very pleased with) and then I moved into dressing mode. And this was all moving along nicely, with the smells of ginger and garlic going on in the kitchen. I added the tahini and the process was still going as expected. That was until I added the soy sauce. Then my dressing seized up, starting to separate, and reminding me of brown gravy. Nervous. I thought that I had ruined it! But I kept plowing through with the directions. I whisked in the water, maybe a little bit more than the recipe called for until it was smooth and creamy. Perfect! So keep following through and yours will turn out great to! Make some, post your pic on instagram, and make sure to hash tag it #coldsesamecarrotnoodlesalad.

Week 11 Cold Carrot Salad 3