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/RECIPE/ Creamy Spinach Torta with Potato Crust

Week 20 Spinach Torta featured image

This is now the secret weapon in my kitchen! Who knew you could get non-spinach lovers to happily eat spinach?!?!? Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE loved it!

Week 20 Spinach Torta 1

This one could spoil you for pesach - you don't miss chametz with all this amazing recipe (and all the others found here on this one takes the prize! Those of you who are gluten-free will adore this recipe! The potato crust give you the carby-ness and crispiness that you want in a crust without the chametz or gluten!

I bought a springform pan for pesach just so I could try out this recipe and a flourless chocolate cake recipe. It was very much worth it! These recipes may even get my year-round springform pans more use.

Week 20 Spinach Torta 2jpg

For ease of making I'd say it's moderately-easy. Making the spinach mixture is easy and can be done while the potatoes are precooking. Layering is pretty straightforward but here is one little tip; once you get to the rim layer of potatoes you might need a second hand to hold up the last potato slice while you pour in the spinach mixture. It takes a little extra time (the precooking of the potatoes take 20 min itself) but the little extra steps make this one outta-this-world recipe!

All the best!