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/RECIPE/ Fig Walnut Cookies

Week 11 Featured Image

SCRUMPTIOUS is all I have to say about these cookies! They are a great "adult" cookie, the kids might be hunting for the chocolate chips to no avail. The spice combo is perfect, the cinnamon is nicely warming and the clove comes for a nice background kick.

Week 11 Panorama

The ingredients needed for this recipe.

I did deviate slightly from the recipe this week. I ended up substituting the Margarine. I actually don't own any margarine.... I can't even remember the last time I had it in fact. I know it could sound ridiculous to some, I can hear it already "how in the world do you keep a kosher kitchen without it?!?!?!" My secret weapon is Coconut oil or Coconut butter. My mainstay though is the coconut oil. I use it in everything from pie crust to, biscuits to, well, these cookies. :)  And they turned out wonderfully. I see the coconut oil as a much healthier alternative to margarine. Just because I keep Kosher does not mean I need to compromise my health. So with the coconut oil I get the best of both worlds.

Week 11 Cookies 1

But enough of my soapbox, you want to know about cookies. Fig Walnut ones to be exact. The recipe is straight forward and easy to follow and did I mention yet, they turned out GREAT! However I did find that I didn't need to press down the cookies to flatten them when they came out of the oven. They were just fine.

Week 11 Cookies 2

One person that I served them to can't get enough! Its a cookie that is reminiscent of a Fig Newton, YUM! Thats a little lighter, and the crunch of the walnut  - Mmmm! makes this cookie amazing. You really should try it! Then let me know what you think about it! Don't forget to take a photo of it to post on instagram - use the hash tag #figwalnutcookie for this recipe.

Week 11 Cookies 3