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/RECIPE/ Flourless Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Glaze

Week 21 Flourless Chocolate Cake with glaze featured image

Chocolate cake. Passover friendly chocolate cake. Passover friendly chocolate cake with a chocolate glaze. I'm hooked!!!! And I have a wonderful tip for you!!!

Week 21 Flourless Chocolate Cake with glaze 1

I just HAD to try this recipe, it was as if it called my name or something... ;) Looking over the pictures again has my mouth watering! Don't make this cake with the mindset of fluffy, light sponge cake. Instead, think "Brownie Cheesecake" because this recipe is like a marriage of a brownie and a cheese cake all wrapped up into one! Wonderfully fudgy, with a creamy smooth texture. And such a rice chocolate - be sure to serve with a cold glass of milk or fresh coffee!

Week 21 Flourless Chocolate Cake with glaze 2

The cake require a little bit of patience - its not a box mix ;) But your patience will be rewarded with a beautiful little slice of this delicious cake. It was the hardest thing not to devour this cake right away. We all had to stare at this until Shabbos afternoon!!! That was hard.

Week 21 Flourless Chocolate Cake with glaze 3

Are you ready for your tip? To keep you springform pan a little cleaner and to help it get a better seal wrap the bottom disk in foil. Lightly press it around the sides just so it can hold. Then when you snap on the ring of the pan it will help create a tighter seal, preventing some leaks. After it's wrapped in foil and the pan is assembled place a circle of parchment paper in the bottom of the pan (you can see in the picture where I pointed it out.)

Week 21 Flourless Chocolate Cake with glaze 4

All the mixing and melting it very worth it! And on the servings I would say you could safely serve this to at least 10-12 people. This is such a delightfully rich cake a little slice is perfect!

All the best!