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/RECIPE/ French Toast a la Crème Brulee

Week 27 Fench Toast featured

Do you want a breakfast that taste like a million bucks? Do you want a beautiful presentation? Well normally these desires come along with a labor intensive recipe. Enter the French Toast a la Crème Brulee! This recipe is: Fast. Easy. Uses up leftovers (yay for no waste!!!) Serves up beautifully.

This is a great recipe to make for a Sunday morning breakfast/brunch. You make everything up after Shabbos, let it rest overnight. Then when you wake up just pop it into the oven and 35 minuets later you have an amazing sent wafting through the house and a simple cut and serve meal!

I love recipes that are simple and to the point for everyday. There are times that I like to make complicated and delicate food (shocker I know :) ) but really, with a recipe this good and this easy you really can't beat it!!!

I've made this recipe up a few times now and it can be served straight-up as is. Or to add an extra protein kick with a scoop of greek yogurt or cottage cheese. Its also good with a bit of cut up fruit to brighten it up. Since it has the caramel layer on the bottom it really does not need any syrup.

This is not a one pan meal but hey, at two pans its still an easy clean up! I really love this recipe. I've always loved french toast. But it's kind of messy, kind of slow - frying up each individual serving, but always worth it in the end. This recipe gives everything of a good french toast with less hassle.

All the best!!!