/RECIPE/ Kale and Potato Hash with Fried Eggs

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This Kale and Potato Hash with Fried Eggs was a lunch saver this week! I needed a last minute meal that would be ready without all too much prep. And this fit the bill perfectly. The potatoes cooked up fast, and I even had time to run out to my cold frame and pick some fresh kale while they cooked. I cleaned the kale and chopped it up just in time to put it into the pan with the potatoes.

Week 12 Kale hash 1

I did serve the Hash with two fried eggs each, but then I was serving guys so they have bigger appetites. Here's a little egg frying tip. To be able to keep them sunny side up without having to flip them (and risk busting the yolk) keep your pan on a low to medium heat. Once you place your egg in the pan season if you wish, and then immediately place a flat lid on top of it. Cook the eggs in this manner until they reach the consistency of your liking. This should help you get an evenly cooked top!

Week 12 Kale hash 2

The non-kale lovers of the family even loved this - it's a great one to get more greens in! One of them commented "This is so delicious that even the kale tasted good!" I did add in the optional spices to make it even more yummy!!!