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/RECIPE/ Layered Polenta Casserole

Week 8 feature image

This one can be found on the site right over here.

Week 8 Polenta 4

This was a fun recipe to make. I've never made Polenta before and is was a neat experience! I'm sure to be making Polenta again in the future that's for sure.

I made this recipe sans the Parmesan cheese for a pareve option. It came out fine. This recipe was an interesting thing, its a pretty good recipe and about 50% of the people I served it to really liked it. It seemed to me that it needed a little bit of a creaminess or marinara sauce, but I'll keep playing around with it.

Week 8 Polenta 1

Week 8 Polenta 2

I wasn't able to find any kosher canned Cannelini beans so I substituted dried Northern beans. It was no big deal and worked out just fine. I loved that I was able to use some of my sun-dried tomatoes! This was the best recipe that I've ever used them in.

Week 8 Polenta 3