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/RECIPE/ Oatmeal Crumb Cake

Week 35 Oatmeal Crumble Cake

This recipe is one of the oddest that I've come across on JoK to date. I was pretty worried when I initially started. I mean come on, put dry oats into the baking dish and pour the liquids over it without and mixing?!??! But I followed the recipe to a T and its outcome? Keep reading ;)

This recipe calls for mixing all the drys (inredients) and all of the liquids (ingredients) separately. Then you pour the drys into the baking dish and cover it with the liquids. Easy enough. One thing I would change when I make it again is swapping the chocolate chips out for raisins. The bananas and cinnamon seemed to conflict with the chocolate, at least for my taste buds and I'm a HUGE fan of chocolate in any form!

So what was the outcome of not mixing the drys and liquids before baking?????? The outcome = Almost too moist! Such a good problem!!! It really shocked me but the cake came out very moist and chewy. What I wasn't such a fan of was how NOT sweet is. I guess that I was so caught up in being worried that I would have parts of dry, uncooked oatmeal that I didn't realize that the recipe calls for NO SWEETENER. It even says to use unsweetened almond milk. Which don't get me wrong, I like using less sugar in my life (believe me I need to use less ;) ) but the dish came out a little bland for me. However, I do have a simple solution!!!! Drizzle honey over the top, almost like an icing. Then you have the perfect balance of healthy but still delish! Also the picture on the recipe shows strawberries....but the recipe never calls for it....hmmmmm wonder what happened there.
So my final verdict is:
-The layering of the drys and liquids work out great!!!
-Swap chocolate chips for raisins.
-Drizzle some honey top for that added sweetness
_Makes a GREAT pareve dessert or breakfast dish!

All the best!