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/RECIPE/ Persian Bean and Noodle Soup

Week featured image per soup

Go here for the recipe so you can make it!

This soup was amazing. And fun to make. I did end up using a short cut – canned beans. It was a great last minute supper adding the canned versus dry. I also cut out the Rice Flour and simply pulled the Rice Noodles out from the pot they were boiled in and then added the beans to that. Worked great!

Week 4 Persian Soup 1

I already love Dill, and this was a GREAT place for it to be used. The greens added a lot to the soup and I was originally worried they would turn out slimy. But they didn't.

Week 4 Persian Soup 2

Between the noodles and seasonings the family pretty much liked it. There are some in my family who are not in love with beans, so it was not their favorite dish. But they still liked it. So its a winner just not as big of a winner as the Salmon was but it still is very good. However, I’m a bean fan so I LOVED IT!

Go ahead and try it, its a great recipe!