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/RECIPE/ Potato and Parsnip Latkes

Week 7 feature image latkes

This latke recipe has blown me away. Officially blown me away. I've tried many different latke recipes and most are so-so. You know the normal stand-bys. But these latkes will wake up your holiday fry fest!

Week 7 Parsnip and potato latkes 1

Here is the link to this little beauty of a recipe!
So pull our your food processors and get ready to fry up one more latke recipe. You want to be prepared for next year!

Week 7 Parsnip and potato latkes 2

I love incorporating some things that are at least a 'little' bit more on the healthier side. This is an absolutely fantastic recipe for that. For latkes these are very quick, especially when using a food processor. And then using a Fry Daddy to fry them up keeps the oil at just the right temperature and makes the whole process much safer and faster.

Week 7 Parsnip and potato latkes 3