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/RECIPE/ Raw Date Brownies

Week 15 Raw Brownies Featured Image

This recipe was just what I needed for a fast, pareve and easy sweet treat. This fit all of my needs very well and its gluten free to boot! I'll be honest here, this week was very busy for me and I scanned the recipes list that we had this week and I found the one that sounded easiest :) and I'm VERY glad I did because I think I found a treasure here (Pesach is coming fast ya'll and this will be a GREAT recipe) but then that's just my opinion!!! :)

Week 15 Raw Brownies 1

If you know me by now, you might realize that when it comes to recipes I don't feel constricted to stay within the written recipe - I like to be a little um, free with it. And of course, I do have a few little tweaks for the next time I make these brownies. First off I would run the nuts in the food processor longer - until they were really fine. I would not take them to a nut butter consistency but the stage just before that. I feel that this would help the brownie "batter" be a little more moist. Secondly I might add some mint extract, Raw Chocolate Mint Brownies anyone? On Instagram I used the hashtag #rawdatebrownies, make some and join me!

Week 15 Raw Brownies 2