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Recipe Review: Mushroom "Bacon"

If you follow me on instagram then you already know that I had really high expectations of this recipe when I tested it, maybe a bit too high, but read on to see what I mean. 

As I started my testing process the smell in my kitchen was AMAZING. Like crazy good!!! My taste buds were getting pretty excited. To replicate that bacon flavor in a pareve version! Oh yeah! I was all in! I mixed up the marinade (just to note: this is a super easy recipe) and sliced the mushrooms. I let them chill out in the marinade for a good 20 minutes.

Before baking the mushrooms I prepped my pan with parchment paper. I cannot say enough good about using parchment paper. Ever have a problem with your cookies sticking to the pan? Solved!!!!! Put a layer of parchment paper on your cookie sheet, then scoop your cookies on, bake, and voila! Cookies that don't stick. Want to cut back on clean up time when your roasting your veggies? Parchment paper will do the trick. I once had a friend who, when she baked her rugelach would clean the cookie sheet in-between each batch. When I got into the kitchen and baked some with her I went out and bought some parchment paper, just for her. :) And yes, she is now a dedicated user of parchment paper. No more sticky pan mess to clean up. So yes, parchment paper is a VERY worthwhile investment.

Ok, I'll step off of my parchment paper covered platform now. ;)

Back to the #MushroomBacon, I put them into the oven and the smell really spread though my house! I watched them closely to avoid burning. Once I pulled out the pan they couldn't cool off fast enough. But, it wasn't love at first bite. I was so sad to have a JOK recipe that I didn't absolutely LOVE. It smelled like bacon, kinda looked like it, however it didn't taste like it. I was shocked. It was kind of flat tasting for my taste buds. Perhaps my biggest let down was that I was hoping to create a BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato with mayo) sandwich. This mushroom bacon just wasn't going to do the trick. However, they did have a flavor, in the words of my sister "... they are sort of Mediterranean tasting." They are good, just not as much bacon'ness as I was expecting. My sister by the way practically devoured the greater half of the batch. :)

If I try this recipe again I'd add some salt and let it soak up the marinade for an hour (or more.) My thought is that the additional 30-60 minutes would give the mushrooms the time they need to get more flavor. It would also be interesting to try large portabella mushrooms, that way you could get longer strips to imitate bacon.

So, yes all, I don't ALWAYS make a recipe that I adore. And I don't just tell you about my good experiences - you get the not so good ones too ;) But truly, this is a testament to how good the recipes are here on, to have me testing for over a year and to run into only 2 or 3 recipes that I haven't liked. Pretty impressive to me.

From my kitchen to yours!

UPDATE: I did make the recipe a second time with my above suggested adjustments. Oh. Wow. They were really good, this time I think I out ate my sister. I even got my BLT sandwich. Score!!! And the large mushrooms, yes they were worth it.