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/RECIPE/ Tomato Soup with Egg in a Hole

Week 3 Tomato Soup

The first recipe that I tackled was the Tomato Soup with Egg in a Hole. However, I will state right here and up front that this one did not particularly sound so good to me. So I went forward with the hope that it would be something that the family would at least try. Maybe they wouldn’t like it but maybe they would at least try it. The concept of a soggy piece of bread with a runny egg just wasn’t uber appealing.

I served it to one family member and they could not get over it. The LOVED the soup. I mean LOVED the soup. As in “this is better than any tomato soup you’ve EVER made” loved. And yes. That is a direct quote. Everyone was thrilled with it. The bread gave it a nice crunch and body. The egg yolk made such an amazing symphony of taste in my mouth! SO GOOD!

Week {3} Tomato Soup with Egg in a Hole

I ended up frying my “Egg in a Hole” in a pan. For one I don’t have any oven proof bowls. And it was eaiser. But knowing what I know now I wouldn’t broil it. They came out perfectly. Just enough crunch and flavor. This is a pareve recipe unless you choose to use my additions - sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese.

I only have a few issues with the recipe itself but other than that it was GREAT!