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/RECIPE/ Turkey Meatballs

Week 10 Featured Image

This week I left the world of chocolate and sweets and went for a meaty recipe. I chose to make the Turkey Meatballs, mainly because the ingredient list was short (most of the items where already living in my pantry) and they sounded quick. This recipe sure didn't disappoint!

The recipe was so simply - chop - mix - form - cook - serve. Easy peasy! I wouldn't change a thing in the recipe for my personal taste buds, but there are those in my family who are not big fans of onions, in any form. So I made half of the batch without onions and the other half with them. Both turned out great!

Week 10 Turkey Meatballs 1

I served these yummies up over some Basmati Rice - it was great! I also had an alternative idea, if you need a quick lunch or even a to-go idea. Take a pita and treat the meatball like a kebab. Insert the meatball into the Pita with rice add some salad if you'd like. Both ways tasted great and were not difficult at all. This was a quick and easy meat recipe and is worth repeating!

Week 10 Turkey Meatballs 2

Week 10 Turkey Meatballs 3