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/RECIPE/ Zippy Potato Skins

Week 13 Zippy potato skins feature image

This weeks review is a little late (so sorry) since I've been doing a little bit of travelling. Those of you following me on Instagram will have see the pics I posted of some healthy snack ideas. But back to business, the recipe that I'm going to talk about today is Zippy Potato Skins.

Week 13 Zippy Potato Skins 1

This is a great item for an appetizer to start off your meal or a perfect starchy finger food for a party. When I was mixing up the sour cream and spice mixture I tasted it once it was combined, and seemed like it was lacking salt. But I resisted the urge to add some, I wanted to try the recipe out, at least one time through before I started making changes and adjustments. Well that is, other than the change of not using the hot sauce - sorry Jamie but this family doesn't like the hot stuff.

Baking the potatoes was very straight forward as was mixing the dipping sauce. Scooping out the flesh was fun, trying to be careful to not go too far and yet making sure I went far enough. But for me the bigger issue was what in the world am I going to do with all that leftover potato... but then finding recipes has never really been a weakness for me so I'm sure I'll find something!

Week 13 Zippy Potato Skins 2

These served up very well and were absolutely delicious! Everyone loved them! And guess what?!?!? Once the dipping sauce was combined with the salty cheddar cheese it was perfect! Amazingly perfect. I'm sure once you try this recipe your mind will be full of inspirations with more possibilities for the skins. I've already been given some ideas for a possible chili, or some kind oftex mex mix. Ok, now I'm making myself hungry again. If you make these be sure to post your picture on instagram and hashtag it #zippypotatoskins